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LPJF Designated Public Parking Locations


PARKING LOT A - Baldwin Hill Crenshaw Mall 

PARKING LOT B - Crenshaw High School  

PARKING LOT C - Audubon Middle School 


Street Closure Schedule


  • Leimert Park will begin its first hard street closure Friday night for Saturday morning June 16th, 2023 at 12:00am (midnight). 


  • Hard street closure No Vehicle Access on Degnan Blvd from 42nd Place (ALLEY) to Leimert Plaza Park and on 43rd Place from Crenshaw Blvd to People Street.


  • Saturday night for Sunday Morning June 18th, 2023 12:00am midnight a hard street closure with no vehicle access to begin on Leimert Blvd from Vernon Blvd to Hubert Walk soft closure local access only at Stocker Place and Leimert Blvd. 


  • 43rd Street will close from Crenshaw Blvd to the south side of Leimert Blvd where 43rd Street becomes 11th Ave the closure will be near the Pizza Hut 11th Ave driveway—still allowing for pizza deliveries to go in and out—another soft closure at Vernon Ave and 11th Ave. 


  • There will be hard closures at 43rd Street and McClung Drive, Norton Ave, Degnan blvd, and at the Creed Ave and Edge Hill Drive u-turn. 


  • On the 11th Ave side a hard closure at Garthwaite Ave and 43rd place u-turn. Also on 43rd place a hard closure at Leimert Blvd east Near Good Sheppard Church and Leimert Auto Center driveway.


  • Crenshaw Blvd street closure will begin at 6pm Sunday evening from Stocker Street to Vernon Blvd.




  • Crenshaw Blvd (Vernon Blvd to Stocker Place)

  • Crenshaw Blvd (at Homeland Blvd)


  • Leimert Blvd ( at Vernon Blvd - Stocker Place) 


  • 43rd Street (Crenshaw blvd to Leimert blvd)

  • 43rd Place (11th Ave to Crenshaw blvd)



from Sunday 12am 6.18 - 6.20 12am

  • McClung Drive, Bronson Ave, Norton Ave, Degnan Blvd, Creed Ave, and Edge Hill Drive Between Stocker and 43rd Street.


  • 11th Ave and 10th Ave (between Stocker Pl and Creed Ave)

  • Garthwaite Ave and 43 Place (Between 8th Ave and 11th Ave)

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