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  • Do you have a list of what is and isn't allowed?
    Allowed In Venue Festival reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to amend the list of acceptable or prohibited items at any time YES Backpacks (Medium) 18"x13"x8.5" YES Bandaids YES Binoculars YES Breast Pump (Manual, Battery Operated, Or Powered Devices) YES Cameras (Non-Pro Digital, Disposable, Polaroid and Film) YES Chapstick and Lip Balm YES Dancing Shoes YES Ear Plugs YES Eye Drops YES Face Masks YES Fanny Packs and Hip Bags YES GoPros YES Gum (sealed packs) YES Hand Sanitizer YES Hats YES Hydration packs (Empty) YES Inhalers YES Lighters YES Makeup YES Mobile Phone Chargers YES Parasols YES Plastic Water Bottles (Empty and Reusable) YES Prescription Medication (Name On Medication Must Correlate With Person’s Drivers License or other appropriate state identification) YES Purses and Handbags (no larger than 12”x6”x12”) YES Service Animals (See ADA Page) YES Stored Breastmilk or Formula YES Strollers (for baby/toddler only) YES Sunblock (Non-Aerosol) YES Sunglasses YES Towels (small-medium size) YES Water Misters Not Allowed In Venue In addition to the list below, any item deemed inappropriate by festival personnel will not be allowed into the venue/festival and must be either returned to your vehicle or disposed (as appropriate). NO Advanced First Aid Kits* (including, but not limited to, hemostatic gauze or powder, tourniquets, compression bandages, decompression needles, or chest seals) NO Aerosol Products/Aerosol Cans NO Air Horns NO Animals NO Audio Recording Devices NO Bicycles, Skates, Scooters or Skateboards NO Blankets NO Body Armor NO Chains or Chain Wallets NO Chairs NO Coolers NO Detachable Lens Cameras NO Discriminative or Appropriative Items NO Divisive Symbols or Appropriative Imagery NO Drones or Remote Control Aircraft, Cars or Toys NO Fireworks, Explosives or Road Flares NO Flags NO Flyers, Samples, Giveaways or Promotional Items NO Glass Bottles or Containers NO Glow Sticks, Light Sticks, or LED Gloves NO Hammocks NO Hula Hoops NO Hoverboards or Segways NO Illegal Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia NO Instruments NO IV Bags NO Kites or Sky Lanterns NO Laser Pointers NO Markers or Paint Pens NO Massagers NO Metal Water Bottles or Containers NO Outside Food or Beverage NO Non-Personal Protective Equipment (e.g., costume) NO Selfie Sticks, Tripods NO Smelling Salts* NO Stuffed Animals NO Tents or Sleeping Bags NO Tourniquets* NO Toy Guns, Water Guns or Sling Shots NO Totems NO Umbrellas NO Video Cameras NO Wagons NO Walkie Talkies NO Weapons (Guns, Knives, Ammo, Pepper Spray, Mace, etc. including off-duty law enforcement or concealed carry permits) * In the event of a medical emergency, please go to a medical tent or find a festival staff member with a radio.
  • How do I bring my medical prescription?
    All prescriptions must be in properly labeled containers that match the holder’s ID (No pillboxes!).
  • How do I bring insulin or other medical-related items or supplies?
    You should identify yourself to security as you wait to enter the Venue. Festival Personnel will locate the medical staff adjacent to the main entrance who will assist you in providing a secure area to store all items. Medical-related items that are not available for purchase on site, food included, may be brought in. You may be asked to provide an official doctor’s note or prescription detailing the necessity of the item.
  • Hey, since cannabis is legal now, that means I can use it at Leimert Park Juneteenth Festival, right?
    Sorry, Cannabis or cannabis products aren’t allowed inside the Leimert Park Juneteenth Music and Arts Festival—even in 2020 and beyond. If that changes, we will update this answer.
  • Are strollers allowed in the venue?
    Yes. But, only if it’s for an infant or toddler.
  • So, I can bring a parasol, but not an umbrella? What's the difference?
    Yes! Parasols will not deflect water as an umbrella does. Most parasols are made of paper and a light wood as bamboo, not metal and water-resistant material. If it falls into the dimensions of 23” long / 32” wide opened its good. Also non-metal stemmed handle and scoping pole. Light weight wood such as bamboo
  • Can I bring a sign or totem? Can you elaborate on your "no totems" rule?
    No signs are allowed. This includes all handheld signs or signs and items attached to poles or pool noodles or apparatus used to display anything above the head. All instances of the above will be subject to surrender and not returned.
  • Can I bring Naloxone with me?
    Yes, Naloxone is permitted for personal use.
  • What payment methods can be used to purchase tickets?
    Credit and debit cards are accepted.
  • What is the maximum number of tickets I can buy?
    Tickets are limited to four (4) per person.
  • Should I receive a confirmation email for my purchase?
    You should receive a confirmation email within moments of purchase. If you do not (be sure to check your junk folder), please contact EventBrite.
  • What if I purchased tickets but my card hasn’t been charged yet?
    Your card should be charged within two business days. If you do not see the charge on your account, please contact EventBrite.
  • Are tickets expected to sell out?
    There is always a chance that the event will sell out, in which case no more tickets will be sold. So, get your tickets early—we want to make sure you don’t miss out!
  • How can I avoid ticket fraud?
    The best way to avoid ticket fraud is to buy directly from Event Brite. If you buy resale tickets, we advise you to get them only from trusted friends. DO NOT purchase from scalpers. If you arrive at the venue with an illegitimate ticket, you will be turned away, and no refund will be provided.
  • What time does the event start & end?
    Event Hours: 11 AM - 7 PM Box Office Hours: More info coming soon! Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall: 3625 Stocker St Los Angeles, CA 90008 Festival Venues Historic Leimert Park Village 4331 Degnan Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90008
  • Can I enter anytime?
    You can enter the event anytime provided you have a valid wristband, but please note entry is only allowed up until one hour before the event concludes. Early entry is not permitted, however, re-entry is allowed for attendees.
  • Wow, there are lots of artists performing! Will I see all of them?
    There is no guarantee. Many artists will be performing at the same time and some areas will have limited capacities. You should plan accordingly and arrive early if there’s a particular performer you really want to see. Also, the lineup is always subject to change.
  • Is it possible for my band to perform at Leimert Park Juneteenth? Can I DJ at the festival? Am I able to perform at Leimert Park Juneteenth?
    We'll contact you if interested!
  • Will set times get posted in advance?
    Yes. Maps showing stage locations, food, bathrooms, etc. will be available prior to the event on this site and/or our social channels.
  • Where is the closest airport?
    Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is just a few miles away from the festival venue!
  • Is re-entry allowed?
    Early entry is NOT permitted. However, fans are ALLOWED to re-enter, but must pass through security again.
  • What is the camera policy?
    Professional cameras are not permitted. Contact for media
  • What can I Bring with me?
    See our complete list of Acceptable and Prohibited Items.
  • Will there be a lost & found?
    Lost & Found services will be available inside the venue during show hours. Following the event, all phones, wallets, IDs, passports, credit cards, prescription glasses, and tech items (such as cameras or portable chargers) will be held at an off-site location. Please visit Lost & Found for more info.
  • Can I hang posters or hand out flyers?
    Do not hang posters or hand out flyers inside the festival or in the surrounding neighborhood. Anyone violating this policy will be banned from promoting at our events.
  • Will parking be available at the venue?
    We recommend taking the Metro, Uber, or if you live close by a little walk in the neighborhood. Parking is limited and permitted at the following lots.
  • What Kind if ID do I need?
    You must present identification to purchase or consume alcohol. See the complete list of acceptable and unacceptable forms of ID.
  • What if my ID is lost or expired?
    Security will accept expired ID cards ONLY if accompanied by DMV renewal documentation. If your ID was lost or stolen, you must bring a government-issued interim license or passport.
  • Can I use a consular ID or foreign driver’s license?
    Consular IDs are not considered acceptable identification. Foreign government-issued driver’s licenses are acceptable with a photocopy of a passport. A foreign government-issued passport will work on its own.
  • Is there an age limit/rule?
    No. The festival is for all ages. All minors 18 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (General Admission Only).
  • What's the best time to arrive?
    You should definitely plan to arrive several hours early to be on the safe side. Please be prepared for significant delays if you choose to disobey all signage and staff. Carpool, carpool, CARPOOL! For the easiest and fastest arrival and departure, Metro.
  • What will the weather be like at the festival? How hot will it be during the day and how cold will it be at night?
    See the Leimert Park 10-day weather forecast.
  • Will there be security?
  • Will there be medical services on site?
    Yes. Medical stations will be clearly visible at the show and marked on the festival maps.
  • Will there be a mist tent? What about shade?
    Maybe, There will be plenty of shaded structures and areas on site.
  • Can I get water on site? How much will it cost? Are there be free water refills?
    Bottled water will be sold at numerous vendor locations. There will also be free, filtered, water refill stations. Each station can accommodate multiple people at a time and will be located throughout the Venue. You’re free to bring an empty, refillable, non-metal / aluminum / steel / glass water bottle or hydration pack.
  • Will there be a festival map ahead of time so we can see locations of food courts and bathroom areas? What about the location of stages and tents each band will be playing on?
    Maps will be posted on our website. Lineup information, such as which time and stage each band will be playing on, will also be posted a couple of days before the festival.
Health & Safty

The event shall be presented in accordance with applicable public health conditions as of the date of the event and which may change at any time as determined by federal, state or local government agencies or instrumentalities, artists or the promoter; such requirements may include, without limitation, changes to capacity, attendance procedures and attendance requirements, such as proof of vaccination and/or negative COVID-19 test, and other protective measures such as requiring attendees to wear face coverings. If any ticket holder does not comply with any laws, mandates, health orders or directives, promoter or event terms, conditions or rules, then the promoter or event operator may refuse admission to the event or require the ticket holder to leave the venue and such ticket holder will not be entitled to a refund.

COVID-19 Warning

COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. There is an inherent and elevated risk of exposure to COVID-19 in any public place or place where people are present and there is no guarantee, express or implied, that those attending the festival will not be exposed to COVID-19.

Attendee Promise & Health Acknowledgement

All attendees agree to follow festival policies (including health and safety policies) and posted instructions while at the festival. All attendees should evaluate their risk in determining whether to attend the festival. By entering the festival, attendees voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to viruses (including, without limitation, COVID-19) and confirm that they will adhere to federal, state and local mandates and/or any quarantine or isolation recommendations.

Public Safety

Security and safety are of utmost importance. We work hand in hand with law enforcement and public safety agencies to help ensure the safety of our events. Because of those very same concerns, we are unable to publicly comment on detailed, specific actions which are taken. You will notice safety measures upon your arrival such as dog sweeps, bag checks, and walk-through metal detectors (magnetometers, open gates or evolve systems) for all attendees, staff, and performers.

Please note that we will implement safety screenings upon festival entry. Please arrive early and note the Prohibited Items list. Prohibited items will be refused upon entry and must be returned to the patron’s vehicle or disposed of by the patron.

In the event of an emergency, information may be relayed on the video screens, over the audio system, and/or through mobile notifications via the festival app.

If you, or a friend, require medical assistance please locate your nearest medical tent or alert a staff member. And remember: if you see something, say something. Flag down any staff member or public safety official if you notice something that doesn’t seem quite right.



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